Chiropractic Testimonials

"This is my first adjustment ever. He’s great, friendly, kind, and goes over everything. I walked out feeling so much better in my neck and shoulder areas. I’ll be back for another adjustment and I highly recommend this place. Thank you so much!"

- Roland

"Had my first appointment the other day. I feel amazing. Already have my next appointment scheduled. If you never have had an adjustment or a bad experience I suggest going to Dr. Zurek he’s amazing."

- Krissy

"I called Dr. Zurek in a lot of pain he got me right in and adjusted me and I feel great!! Thanks so much for what you do. I love how gentle he is."

- Pam

"Amazing Doctor! Very reasonable price! Walked in hurting came out feeling best I’ve ever felt! Very intelligent doctor who knows what he’s doing!"

- Chris

"Dr Zurek is a wonderful Chiropractor! He adjusted my daughter when she was a couple weeks old and he did a great job with her. I would highly recommend him!"

- Melanie

"Dr. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion to help people! Always felt great after he worked on me!"

- Sam

"Dr. Bruce is an amazing individual with a true heart and passion for helping others achieve optimal health and potential! You and your family will receive top notch care from Zurek Chiropractic!"

- Branden

"Had severe back pain, after a couple visits to Dr. Zurek I started feeling better right away! Would recommend him to anyone, great guy and great work."

- Jon

"Keeping me in the game weight training. My gains, performance and form have all improved since having regular adjustments at Zurek."

- David

"Dr. Zurek is professional and kind. He is very serious about alleviating pain and making you feel whole again. I definitely found someone I trust. Thanks Bruce!"

- Christina

"I have had horrible lower back pain for quite some time….one evening the pain sent me to the ER. I couldn’t even pick up my baby. I called Dr. Zurek early the next day and he saw me right away. I was very scared to get adjusted since I was already in so much pain, but he explained exactly what he would be doing and it eased my anxiety. I felt so much better after the adjustment and was able to stand up straight again. Turns out I even had some sinus issues that were alleviated with the adjustment as well! I was very impressed with how professional he was and it was very obvious to see how passionate he is about total health and wellness! Would definitely recommend Dr. Bruce Zurek to everyone I know for all your chiropractic needs!"

- Kara

"I have been taking my 8 year old son to Zurek Chiropractic for adjustments. My son is a little on the anxious side and gets nervous, so trying new things is hard, and can be somewhat traumatic for my son. However, Dr. Zurek has had so much patience with my son and helps him feel relaxed and comfortable while he is being adjusted, which has made for a pleasant experience. I have also seen a great improvement with my son’s sleep since he has been adjusted, which has also helped in other areas that were a concern. I highly recommend Dr. Bruce to anyone who is looking to receive chiropractic care. We will continue our Chiropractic care with him."

- Lisa

"I called Dr. Zurek and was able to get in the same day. I was dizzy and my feet hurt I could barely walk when I first got up in the morning. After my visit I could feel my sinus drain, I was sore in a few places but come the next day I felt 80% better than I did, can`t wait until my next appointment."

- Pam

"I have great experiences when I went to dr. Zurek .. he is very nice person too . My first visit my back of my shoulder blades was really hurts it affected me specially I’m working with the kids . And I can’t sleep for few days . Then my hips was hurt for years .. after I’ve done in the session wow amazing my shoulder blades Are not hurting anymore the next following days I noticed my hips even I standing and walking for a long time it didn’t hurt anymore . My second visit for follow up . It was way better no more pain at all . I really recommend dr. Zurek for everyone."

- Kay


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